• Texas Style Smokin'
    Street Food

    'That Smoke Truck' the ideal street food vendor.. completely self contained 'Texas style Smokin', we just turn up and your guests can eat, anywhere and at anytime. The 'Smokin' is done in the onboard Texas Smoker.

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  • Wedding Catering

    'That Smoke Truck' the ideal catering truck for outdoor weddings with Texan Style Smoked meats & fish from our onboard smoker enable us to serve freshly smoked meats & fish to your guests with a fully licensed bar.

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  • Fully Licensed Bar
    Texan Beers & Wines

    Smokie 'ThatSmokeTruck' has a fully licensed bar, enabling us to serve Texan Beers and USA Wines at your events, like Lone Star, etc. We can stock the bar to your requirements if required.

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The Smoke Truck team are a collection of SuperHeros each with special powers: The Smoker (Wayne) is our Smokin' expert in charge of flavour, The Cicerone (Nicky) is our fully licensed bar keep expert in Texan Beers and Wines and The Sauce our expert in sauces and dips.

Smokey is the No. 1 team member with his onboard 'Smoker' he has everything aboard to cater for any event, especially Street Food events, anywhere. The Smoker prepares 'Smokey' as soon as he gets on site as everything is freshly smoked to order.